Campez Couvert Insurance | Covid-19 Option

  • Remboursement

    Travel safely with Campez Couvert insurance

  • Sejour sans contrainte

    Ensure a vacation without constraints

Insurance designed for you! Ensure a hassle-free vacation on Île de Ré, at Bois Plage.

Faced with the health crisis we are going through, our wish is to offer you all the options to book your holidays with confidence.

We have set up a partnership with Campez Couvert insurance since 2019, insurance specializing in the campsite. Reliable and easy-to-use insurance allowing you to be reimbursed for the amount of your stay in the event of unforeseen circumstances before and during your stay.

Named the Campez Couvet insurance option Covid-19, you can benefit from it now, the amount represents 3.2% of the total amount of your stay.

3 steps that simplify your life and your vacation:

  1. Book your stay 
  2. Insure your holidays 
  3. Enjoy without worry 


The insurance covers Covid-19 individually as illness, serious illness or cause of death, and this for all guarantees, whether insurance or assistance. An exception, it does not cover the client in the event of illness if he goes to a country expressly advised against by his government.

The insurance excludes any mass risk from our policies. From this perspective, the consequences of restrictions on freedom of movement (border closures, health emergency, general quarantine and confinement, etc.) will be systematically excluded.

Examples of support : 

  • I am in quarantine for COVID-19 (positive test)
  • I would like to cancel my stay because I have COVID-19 (hospitalization)
  • Following illness or contact, I will arrive at the place of my stay two days late (or more)
  • I would like to cancel because a loved one is seriously ill from Covid-19 (hospitalization / death)

For more information, call us to have more information about it.