Interlude Services

All for living in the camping !

Just relax, we'll take care of everything ! Enjoy your stay without worring about meals, our restaurant "La Grillérade" will suggest you delicious meals. If you prefer eat something at the beach head to the grocery store and  its snack. Come with less to carry, we propose bikes for travelling the Island of Ré. If you want to relax, the spa takes care of you ! And if you have a baby, a competent team at the nursery will look after your offspring

Do you need anything ?


We are inspired by you to co-create your stay together!

With Sunêlia Interlude, you become the copywriter of your vacation!

You visualize them, you live them, you remember them, you talk about them!

It is up to us to deliver all the ingredients you need for the recipe for your development, turnkey. Travel light, the hotel pack and bike rental free your mind from sheets and carioles. Let your appetite speak for itself in the restaurant or to take away to your accommodation with our very gourmet grocery and catering services. Listen to your body and allow it to take a break at Beauté et spa to disconnect and let someone take care of you.

And who will take care of them?

If your child is less than 4 years old, he will be looked after by a competent team in our approved Baby Sunny nursery, for the biggest meetings at the animation pole in our themed clubs

During this time, the gentleman can go by catamaran or paddle 30 meters away, from the beach for an undoubtedly exotic activity.