The playgrounds of Camping Sunêlia Interlude

  • Coup de coeur

    A play area designed for the more adventurous: Fort Sunny

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    Perfect place to meet vacation buddies and make memories

  • Zen

    You have peace of mind to see them having fun like crazy

The playgrounds are the essential meeting place for your children and parents who watch them quietly. Your children’s 5-star vacation is thanks to the Fort Sunny!

Your campsite on the Ile de Ré with children's play areas

Mini aire de jeux

Mini playground for 2 to 5 years old

A playground suitable for young children so that they can wander as they see fit with their feet in the sand.

This playground includes a swing, a turnstile and play structures.

The swing with a posture allows them to have fun and discover the joys of flying. You will make them gain height.

A playful structure with a walking route, a roller to sneak or hide and a little toboggan ride to end up in the arms of mom and dad.

Their undisputed favorite remains the excavator adapted to their size to unearth the buried treasures of the Ile de Ré. They will take themselves for a real work manager. Take care, they will put you to work.

Their awakening, their laughter, their smile will make you fall for sure. Spending time with the family at a 5-star campsite, nothing is more important.

Under the pines, your children have fun under your supervision. We have also provided benches around the play area so that you can make yourself comfortable.

Equipement - Aire de jeux Fort Sunny

Fort Sunny for childrn aged 4 to 11

Do you know Fort Boyard? The Sunêlia Interlude campsite has made a replica especially for your children, apprentice adventurers. Children, like parents, are fans of Fort Boyard located in Charente Maritime.

Children, always on the lookout for new discoveries, are all amazed when they discover their playground for the next few days for their vacation on the Ile de Ré.

The famous tower of puzzles of Father Fouras to give way to a frenzied climb to access the slide where children have a blast.

Budding adventurers roam the fort between a net, a pipe and a climbing wall.

The must-see attraction of Fort Sunny remains the zipline with an angel's jump with its feet in the sand. One thing is for sure, they won't give up easily.

A space is dedicated for parents who watch their children laugh and have fun with their holiday buddies.