Coolfish Club 12/17 years old

A great experience, I did a lot of beautiful international experiences, but also discovered new sports like Kinball :)

Charlotte, Sotteville


Slackline -Game ball - Blind test - Kinball - Fitsteps - Training- Challenges ...

Let's dance and have fun !

Meet your counselors and the others teens every sunday on stage during the Welcome Sunêlia

Coolfish ?? What does it mean ?

This neologism arose from a smiling story. This is the story of entertainers, one evening in a caravan and an oilcloth with little fishes… One evening, very late in the night, this word appeared by calling the bone of a fish, coolfish it sounds good,  it is euphonious but what would it mean except “cool fish”? In the style of Smurfs, the word coolfish was daily used, the sun is coolfish if you can sunbathe, children are coolfish when they smile all day long and entertainers are coolfish so you won’t be bored at all…

Coolfish became more; this is a concept, better a legend!

The concept is to be really in one’s element, so that your holidays are spread, refreshing and light as a happy fish dabbling in its lapping. That’s why, we had an idea, crying out like a hymn the coolfish attitude in our traditional Banasunny, calling our teens club like this, or to flock T-shirts to perpetuate and convey this big idea; let’s share what it is good for us! Caustic fish, flying fish or fish clown, no matter your coolfish type!

The coolfish family is a state of mind which joins teenagers from the campsite, entertainers but also the older from 18 to 77 years old who didn’t lose the desire to have fun! Have a look here: this program is just to give you an idea of entertainments.

With the team, we have also set up an entertainment project consisting of developing in our Sunny clubs educational methods. It allows a real exchange and the acquisition of knowledge on the sustainable development; particularly on the waste theme. To tempt the children to have a daily responsible attitude, and by the way develop the Eco citizenship by making them become aware of the impact of waste and our consumption on the environment.

Setting up of different and various entertainments: cooperative games, sort out our papers and recycle it in parchment for example, frescos and exhibition on waste, set up of a compost, dances and body tap with plastic bottle, construction of floating object, manufacturing of a regenerator of cans (so as to create necklace, bracelet, porte-photos or ashtray for beach), eco fashion show, to explore the Botany through the gardening and the “bio” product, a manual activity on the creation of a box for memories by recuperating wicker caskets…